About Me

Hello, I’m Annisa a proud mother of three children and a teaching assistant at a local primary school. My blog translates to “Latest Islamic News” which I thought was fitting for my blog as I am a proud Muslim woman and this blog is a rundown of my personal news. My family is from Indonesia and we moved to England when I was 12 years old, it was very difficult to transition from one place to another but I soon settled in and found friends for life! At university I met my husband, he is English and non-religious but he completely respects my views and we have a super happy and still traditional family lifestyle (which is music to my ibu’s ears!).

I have a very crazy family life with three children under the age of ten but it is truly amazing! I will be writing some advice and tips about how to maintain family relationships and also give some parenting advice to any of you that feels that you are alone out there dealing with these issues! You aren’t alone! I also thought it would be fun to include some cooking tips and recipes, home DIY tricks, and some health advice to keep you fit and healthy throughout your life. This blog is a place for love and happiness so I would appreciate it if we could all keep it a place where people can express themselves and be happy then that would be amazing!

If you take one thing from my blog I hope that it is some joy, if I could make one person feel happier during a stressful or difficult day then I would consider that to be an amazing day! I am so excited to get writing and receive feedback from my blog, I love to write and I studied English at university because I have such a passion for the language, so I cannot wait to start this new adventure!

Have a lovely day!